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Monday, November 4, 2013

Symposium on Armed Conflict & Human Rights

The ASIL Legal Theory Interest Group will sponsor a one-day symposium on Friday, Nov. 8, entitled Theoretical Boundaries of Armed Conflict and Human Rights.  The event will take place at ASIL's Tillar House in Washington DC.  

The panelists will address, from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, the contentious interplay between IHL and IHRL.  

Here is the full program:

8:30am - Breakfast (ASIL Tillar House)
9:00am - Introduction  - Donald Childress (Pepperdine) Chair, ASIL ILTIG

9:15am - Panel 1: Investigating the Tension Between IHRL and IHL

  1. Naz K. Modirzadeh (Brookings & Harvard): Folk International Law
  2.  Marko Milanovic (Nottingham & Michigan): Rethinking the Relationship Between IHL and IHRL
  3. Jonathan Horowitz (Open Society Justice Initiative): Ending the Global War: The Power of Human Rights in a Time of Unrestrained Armed Conflict

11:15am - Coffee 

11:30am - Panel 2: Morality and Legality at War

  1. Adil Haque (Rutgers): Laws for War
  2. Brian Orend (Waterloo): Post-War Vacuum: Filling a Law-of-War Gap with Human Rights Values

1:00pm - Lunch

2pm - Panel 3: New Approaches to Armed Conflict

  1. Janina Dill (Oxford): Forcible Alternatives to War: Legitimate Violence in 21st Century International Relations
  2. John Dehn (Loyola): Whither International Martial Law?
  3. Jens Ohlin (Cornell): Acting as a Sovereign versus Acting as a Belligerent

4:00pm - Coffee
4:15pm - Open Forum (All panelists and comments from audience)   
5:30pm - Closing comments: Jens Ohlin (Cornell)

The event is co-sponsored by Cornell Law School.

For more information, email Jens Ohlin at


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